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Tractor Beam - Space Dice 7 Piece RPG Set

Color: Antique Silver with green enamel fill

We have drawn on materials most reminiscent of outer space for Metal Space Dice. These include the finest zinc alloys – because zinc is, after all, one of the earliest of the metals on the periodic table, its atomic light weight with respect to its power. It is a primordial material, one that often dates back to the formation of the stars themselves. Use it andfeel that connection to the hot balls of gas so high above us in the night sky.

To finish our dice, we use an enamel or natural coat, depending on your needs. Each set of dice comes with seven polyhedral choices:

  • D20
  • D12
  • D10
  • D%
  • D8
  • D6
  • D4

This way, you canalways reach for a Metal Space Dice that will fit the tabletop RPG you have decided to sit down and play.

The sets, when idle, weigh approximately 133 grams, and each die measures between 16mm and 22mm in diameter. To add just a little more personality to each die, we have used a custom font and design, created exclusively at Norse Foundry.