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Black Lava Metal Dice Set

You’ve finally managed to drive a dragon to the edge of a cliff, its wings battered and nearly dead from all the damage. Right beneath the cliff is a bubbling, blistering pool of lava waiting to engulf anything and everything that falls into it with a magnificent explosion. But what if this was the dragon’s plan all along? With immunity to fire, lava cannot hurt it. A simple push from the dragon and the fate of your duel will be reversed. Finish it off with another deadly attack with this black lava dice set, before you carry yourself back to safety. Reminiscent of fiery molten magma peering through the cracks of hardened black lava, this black dice set is finished with bright orange numerals. 

  • Base Metal: Zinc Alloy 
  • Plating: Gloss Black Nickel 
  • Number Fill: Orange Enamel 
  • Set includes 7 polyhedral dice (d20, d12, 2x d10 (00-90 and 0-9), d8, d6, and d4) 
  • Great for all role-playing (RPG) games including Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Hackmaster, and more